Hi there, my name is Claire I am 24 years old and I have been a wheelchair user since I was 3. I was born with muscle weakness which effects the ability for me to move my legs, resulting in me not being able to walk or weight bear at all. As well as my muscle weakness in my legs I also have muscle weakness in my arms and I can have many health issues arise that effect my breathing and other aspects of my life. However I have never let any of this stop me from achieving what I want to achieve in my life and after completing going through mainstream high school I went on to university and graduated with a BSc(Hons) in Applied Computing.

With my studying years over now, I am now starting the next chapter of my life. I am currently an ambassador in Dundee for the Euan’s Guide as well as working with other charities and organisations. The two main aims of this blog are to diminish the view some people may have about life with a physical impairment and to be an inspiration to others that may be going through things I have to endure from day to day life.

So with writing this blog I am hoping that it opens people’s eyes more to what it is like living with an impairment and the hurdles that people may face through their daily life. Whilst also showing people with an impairment that their impairment doesn’t own them, they own it. Whatever hurdles you may come across you’re stronger than them. It may be hard sometimes, life’s not easy, for anyone impairment or not, but you can fight it. You have control of your life and whatever hurdles you may encounter or endure they can be overcome by adapting around them. Compromise is the key.