A Journey In My Wheels was started by Claire (me) in 2016 as a platform to share her life living with a physical disability. When going about her daily life she felt frustrated by peoples attitudes regarding disabilities; people would ignore her and speak to whoever she was with, when people did speak to her they would continuously say it was amazing she was out and about or that she was inspiration just for getting on with her life. Therefore her main aim in the beginning was to diminish the negatives views some people had about life with a physical disability whilst also showing others with a disability that anything is possible. Illustrating barriers Claire has faced and how with a little bit of improvisation it is sometimes possible to overcome them.

Even though these core messages still originate with A Journey In My Wheels today, the platform has grown into much more. After a year of sharing everything through the written word, I started to also film, edit and publish videos on YouTube channel to help spread the message. The main focus now is help spread disability and accessibility awareness through sharing tips, reviews and talking about important topics. If there is anything that you would like to see spoken about then please get in touch.

About Claire

Hi everyone, I am 25 years old and I live in Dundee, Scotland. Living so close to beautiful scenery, I love exploring new places taking photos and reviewing the accessibility. I also enjoy meeting up with friends and family, going shopping, to the cinema, concerts, festivals, out for food, out for drinks and just chilling at home. Pamper nights and binge watching Netflix are the best.

I have been a full time wheelchair user since I was 3 years old due to being born muscle weakness which effects the ability for me to move my legs, resulting in me not being able to walk or weight bear at all. As well as my muscle weakness in my legs I also have muscle weakness in my arms and I can have many health issues arise that effect my breathing and other aspects of my life. However I have never let any of this stop me from achieving what I want to achieve in my life, like graduating in with a computing degree from the University of Dundee.

As well as building A Journey In My Wheels I volunteer for The ARCHIE Foundation, PAMIS and sometimes CHAS. I do public talks for many different organisations, as well as working part time for a local company in Dundee to help with their marketing and website content.

You can also following my journey on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.