I’ve always seen a lot of bloggers and YouTubers sharing their favourite things of the month online and I always liked reading/watching their content. It’s a great way to catch-up on what people are up to every month so, I thought I would kick it off at the start of 2019. Let’s hope I manage to do it all the way through the year.

Favourite Item

Even though I got this item for my Christmas (thank you mum & dad) I thought I would still include it in this blog post because I didn’t really start using it until January, and that is ‘My Little Book of Earrings’. This is something I never knew existed until I was given it but, find it very useful now that I have it. Basically, this is a book shaped earring holder with 2 pages, display 6 pairs of earrings on each page.

Image of me with my little book of earrings.
Looking at my earrings in the book.

I store my earrings in a small silver trinket box and have to rummage through every pair to find the ones I would like. It’s always difficult to find the matching pairs though, and my helpers usually have to hold out the earrings on the palm of their hands in order for me to see them. That’s why this earring book is very hand, because I’m able to easily see my favourite earrings and say to my helpers which pair I would like to wear. In life, it’s the littlest things in life that help the most.

Favourite Review

In January I’ve only done two reviews. I’ve still to take a picture of the outside of a restaurant I visited at the start of January, and I have a backlog of reviews from 2018.

My favourite review has to be Longparke Café & Farmshop. It was my first review of the year and a café that I have wanted to visit for a while. Serving breakfast, lunch and sweet/savoury treats made from locally sourced ingredients. This café is fully wheelchair accessible and I’m looking forward to visiting in the warmer weather due to there being a lovely patio area outside. You can read my review on the Euan’s Guide website and you can find my YouTube video at the end of this blog post on how I wrote this review.

Image of the outside of Longparke Café and Farmshop.
The outside of Longparke Café and Farmshop.

Favourite Movie

What’s better in this cold weather than escaping to the cinema? As I’ve mentioned all over A Journey In My Wheels platforms, I’ve seen lots of movies in January that I’ve actually forgot them all. My favourite movie though had to be The Upside which is a feel good, funny and relatable movie. It is about a wealthy quadriplegic, Phillip who is looking to hire a new carer to help with his everyday routine. He hires parolee, Dell and an unlikely friendship starts.

It is obviously relatable because of the friendships that I have had with all my helpers and even though all routines are different I understand the ups and downs of living life with a physical disability. This movie I think is unfortunately not out at the cinema now but, I would highly recommend seeing it when it comes out on DVD or online if you haven’t seen it already.

Favourite TV Show

This is a difficult one because I have honestly been binge watching EVERYTHING in January and love it all. I’m cheating already in this first monthly blog theme with my two favourite TV shows of January, You and Grace & Frankie. You is a gripping drama about a young man, Joe, who becomes creepily obsessed with a girl he spots in his bookstore, Beck. He does everything he can to be in her life and I found it difficult to not keep watching. Unfortunately though, it’s about 45 minutes long and that’s why I had to pick two favourites.

Grace & Frankie, which I spoke about a couple of weeks ago in my ‘Beating Those January Blues’ post, is my all-time favourite comedy on Netflix. Every year it comes out I binge watch it in a weekend and even rewatch old season over and over again, it’s a handy 30-minute program and I love it.

Favourite Memory

During the start of the year I’ve been trying to get organised for 2019 and I’ve been concentrating on work and my blog/YouTube content. I also did Dry January, 2nd January till 2nd February, that still counts right? Although I still haven’t had a drink. So, I wouldn’t say I have a favourite memory in January, I’ve just been enjoying catching up with my friends, binge watching Netflix or visiting the cinema and getting organised for the year ahead.

Let’s see what February brings.

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