January can be a horrible month, no one has money from spending it all at Christmas and the weather always becomes grey and wet. I’m feeling it like everyone else but, more so the fear that the snow is going to come back with avenges and I won’t be able to leave the house for a while. I thought about this post today and was going to share with you what I’ve been up to recently. Although instead of just listing everything down I thought I’d share my recommendations to help get through this long month.

Out for tea or coffee

This is something that I was trying not to do as often at the start of the year and only lasted until Saturday 5th January. Living at home with my parents still, you just need to get out of the house and catch-up with friends. With also not being able to go upstairs and having to rely on lifts to access anywhere it’s difficult when technology is not on my side to visit my friends in their own home.

Image of my cup of tea and cake

It doesn’t always have to be expensive when going out for food, I’m lucky, I don’t eat a lot and doing dry January means a starter and glass of water is all I need. Don’t get me wrong though it’s good to treat yourself, so a cake and cup of tea is never a bad thing. My two favourite restaurants this month, in Dundee, that don’t break the bank are Weavers Mill and Kingsway Farm, reviews will be up when I get a chance to take pictures.

Walking the dog

I don’t know if I’ve spoken about him on here before, but we have our adorable family dog Harley who I love going on walks with. Unfortunately, the weather has not been the best to go out in, poor health and freezing temperatures do not mix well. I do try and get out when I can though and I’m sure he enjoys it. He’s away to turn 15 in February and is deaf so it is a little more difficult now but, I can’t wait for the warmer weather to return and to take him on longer walks ‘near’ the beach or explore someplace new.

Browsing the shops

Throughout my 2 years of blogging I think I’ve mentioned a handful of times that I’m a shopaholic, and especially within the last few months of 2018 I was really bad. I think I would have bought the whole of Primark if I had the money. This year though I vow to think more carefully about what I buy and to NOT buy anymore clothes until Spring time.

You don’t always have to spend a fortune when visiting shops though, the past 2 weekends I’ve walked around many shops in Dundee with my friend Rachel looking for plant pots and spent £0. Don’t get me wrong I’ve been tempted, and I really want plants when I move out, but I’m learning to stop myself. Is this adulthood? Getting excited about browsing around shops and not buying everything you see. Homebargins is my favourite shop to have a nosey around. Thank goodness for gift cards though, allowing you to buy things you’ve wanted and needed for a long time. Like this stunning new purse I bought in River Island yesterday, sparkly and small enough that I can maybe even hold it myself.

Going to the cinema

Who doesn’t love getting lost in a movie on a Friday or Saturday night and it’s perfect having my CEA card that allows me to get my helper for free. It can be difficult to find times that fit around my rota for my helpers so, the days that I am able to go I take full advantage. I do love going with my friends and family too, although I wasn’t able to go with one of my friends this weekend because we are both wheelchair users and there was only one disabled space in the screen. That was at Cineworld in Dundee. I’ve reviewed the accessibility of the Odeon in Dundee which is on Euan’s Guide, and a review on Cineworld is coming soon.

Chill out with friends or own your own

Nail painting, face masks and binge-watching Netflix, the best thing to do at this time of the year. Even though I think of myself as a very sociable person, it’s sometimes good to just shut off from the outside world for a little while. Although games nights and hot chocolates with friends sounds equally fun, I’ve just not been able to do that this month. This weekend I’ve honestly watched every episode of the latest series of Grace and Frankie on Netflix, which if you’ve not seen already, I would definitely recommend giving it a watch. Listening to music is also a great way to relax or I’ve started to listen to podcasts to change things up a little. Whatever hobbies you have or what you like to do, it’s so important to just take some for yourself.

Image of TV with Grace & Frankie showing and candles below and a light box saying Cheer Up Buttercup

This blog post was just a general catch-up on what I’ve been up to recently, as well as working and getting organised for 2019. Sorry it’s kind of a boring post this week but, I hope it helps if you too are feeling the January blues.

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