This blog post is way overdue as I’ve had this water bottle for about 6 months now, but it took me forever to find a bottle to fit my requirements so I thought I’d share my thoughts on it. I searched in the supermarkets at first because I prefer to see things before I buy them, but had no luck, until I found this one on Amazon UK (yes it’s a kids one).

Two images of the water bottle, one with lid closed and one with lid open.
Bottle with lid open and closed.

The main factor that I needed to look into when first buying a new water bottle was how I open it. Due to my extreme muscle weakness in my arms I’m unable to open most things, but I was determined to find something I could open myself. I found one which opened with a button but, obviously with ordering on Amazon it was trial and error to see if the button would be easy enough to press. Unfortunately, when it first arrived I wasn’t strong enough to open however, no I didn’t miraculous get stronger, my helpers pushed the button continuously until I could open them. There’s a clip that that secures the lid, I’m guessing if it’s in a bag but, I leave it down to make things easier.

Video of me opening my water bottle.

The next thing I had to think about was how I would carry the water bottle around with me. Before buying the reusable water bottle I would use a plastic disposable bottle that I used way longer that you’re supposed to. I wanted to attach it to my wheelchair somehow because if it’s in my handbag I have to ask for it all the time or if I’m holding it then I have no free hands. If anyone personally knows me you’ll know my phone is glued to my hand, so it was either the bottle or the phone. A total benefit to this water bottle is that there’s a handle attached, which means I can hang it to my wheelchair. I also find this handle very useful when holding the water bottle, especially when opening and closing it because it’s more likely I’d drop it.

I hunted for ages to buy a cup holder that would screw on to my wheelchair with no luck. Therefore, when I saw a handled bottle I got the idea to buy an adhesive hook that would stick on my wheelchair someplace near my controller, and hang the water bottle on to it. Now I’ve mentioned this blog post is extremely overdue and since I bought it the controller on my wheelchair has changed. It isn’t as easy to use now, I’m not able to lift it off the hook either myself but, it’s still quicker for my helpers to pass me it.

Image of water bottle hanging on my old wheelchair controller
Old wheelchair controller.
Image of water bottle hanging on my current wheelchair controller
Current wheelchair controller.

You are able to drink fluids between -10°C and 96°C which is great for all my fellow tea drinkers, although full disclaimer I’ve only used it for tea once because I much prefer a mug, I’m just boring and use it for water. The water bottle is also BPA free, which I had no idea what that meant, but basically it means the materials that the bottles are made of are non-toxic.

Image of tea in my bottle with spoon inside and kettle and PG tea bag box beside it
Making tea in my bottle.

Finally, you are able to measure how much water that you drink. It goes up to 12oz or 350ml, it’s so handy to be able to monitor daily how much I’m drinking, although I never drink enough. Due to my muscle strength I am not able to fill the bottle up right to the top, or also because I hang it on my wheelchair if it’s too heavy. Therefore, I always keep it at 6oz (half full) and fill it up more regularly.

Image of measuring marketings on my water bottle
Bottle measuring markings.

I would highly recommend buying this water bottle if you are looking for a robust bottle, especially if you need to attach it to a wheelchair. Of course everyone’s requirements are different for using a water bottle, but I hope I have provided enough details to help you decide.

Note: The hooks that I use to attach my water to my wheelchair are from Amazon UK Command Hooks Transparent Plastics 6 Hook / 8 S Size Bands.

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