Honestly, I have no idea. I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day of the year and it’s 2019 this week. I feel like I’ve just blinked and 2018 is over with. In all honesty though, I am stressing out a little. All those things I’ve said to myself that I need to get done before next year, I still need to do them.

Sitting on the train wearing a Disney Christmas jumper
On the train to Glasgow to visit the Christmas market.

Looking back at ‘A Journey In My Wheels’ this year I feel so disappointed in myself for the lack of content I’ve shared. Especially when I read my first blog post of 2018 speaking about how I thought the year would go. Don’t get me wrong 2018 was great, but I feel it was a bit like a rollercoaster, full of ups and downs.

At the start of the year I felt organised and that 2018 was a time for new beginnings. I freshened up my wardrobe because I was feeling like I was just wearing the same clothes over and over again. I felt motivated. However, then the ‘Beast From The East’ arrived. I was fortunate that helpers could come to me most of the time and I was only snowed in for about 4 days, but the stress and uncertainty took its toll. I’m also not going to lie, this time of the year and the start of 2019, I’m worried it is going to happen again. It’s silly but it’s an obstacle that I have to mentally prepare for, so I can be ready.

This year I also needed to advertise for a new helper. One of my helpers got a new job around Easter time and I had to find a new helper to cover her shift. Unfortunately, this took longer than I thought it would take and it was a very stressful process. It also meant that I became very unorganised because I was unsure when I would have my usual support. Everything has calmed done a lot now though and I have found lovely new helpers. I totally believe in the saying ‘when one door closes another door opens’. However, when the stressful fog is clouding my judgment, it’s hard to see the positivity.

I would like to take this time to apologies if you have been in contact with me and I’ve not replied, my top priority for 2019 is to keep on top of my emails.

Photo of myself and OVIRT team at Dundee United Football stadium
Promotion photo of myself and the OOVIRT team.

On a positive note, I official started working for OOVIRT this year and enjoy continuing to improve accessibility and inclusion for everyone. I’ve had a great time with everyone at Euan’s Guide including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Independent Living Conference and Glasgow’s Christmas market. I’ve enjoyed spending time with friends and family, especially during this festive period. I’ve been Christmas shopping in Glasgow, cinema trips, going to see Cinderella in pantomime and board games with the family. Visiting the newly opened V&A is probably my main highlight of 2018, reviewing their accessibility and seeing Dundee grow. I was also delighted to hear that my accessibility review of The Enchanted Forest in 2017 helped improve their accessibility and allow many people to visit in 2018 and the future. That’s all for this year.

My friend and I
Celebrating Christmas with my friend.
Sitting above the stage at the pantomime
Visiting the pantomime.

I really hope you have a very Happy New Year and a fantastic start to 2019, I shall be back very soon.

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