Where does time go? One day I’m thinking of a blog title and then before I know it, that blog turns 2 years old. Yes, it’s my second year blogiversary for ‘A Journey In My Wheels’. This year to celebrate I went out for a cup of tea and cake with my neighbour and carer/friend, which you might think is a bit more civilised instead of a rose wine like last year. It was, but I also celebrated with my parents and their friends on Sunday with a small bottle of prosecco. Still sticking to my logo theme, do not worry.

Me with a glass of bubbly

What’s Been Happening?

Reflecting on my first year blogiversary I don’t feel I’m really where I was hoping to be. I visited Shetland for the day with a few of my fellow amazing Euan’s Guide ambassadors, however that is as far as I ventured. Apart from a few city breaks in Glasgow and an overnight stay in Aberdeen for my brother’s graduation. This year behind the screen it just seems to be one thing after the other with things not going according to plan but, were out with my control.

At the start of this year I was in a bit of a lazy rut, maybe it was holiday blues, who knows. However, it took a while to get back into my routine. If you are Scottish like me, you’ll remember that horrendous snow we had at the start of the year. Although I was only stuck in the house for about 3 days it effected my care and again my routine was knocked out of place. I’ve also had to advertise a couple of times for more carers over the past 5 months which has been very stressful and means my routine again went a little out of the window. It also meant I struggled to plan ahead as I wasn’t sure if I’d have the right care in place, which I think is maybe why I feel I’ve not done a lot this past year.

Don’t get me wrong though, I have still had a great year. I’ve got a job helping improve accessibility and I’ve had some great days out.

Me with cake and a tea

Favourites From This Year

My favourite Euan’s Guide trip this year was definitely when everyone visited me in my hometown for the Euan’s Guide Dundee Day Out. I was really surprised at how many places I hadn’t actually visited in Dundee, and that I didn’t manage to get everyone lost when we were wandering around.

I was also honoured to be invited by Creative Dundee and Euan’s Guide to visit the V&A Dundee museum before the official opening to review their accessibility. It was great for wheelchair users and I love that a public attraction in Dundee finally has a Changing Place toilet. I was also able to capture all the great accessibility features for my YouTube channel.

Which leads me to my favourite technology purchase, I finally bought a GoPro Hero 5 camera to help me vlog more of my journey over on my YouTube channel. If you haven’t seen it already, don’t forget to watch my GoPro Review For Wheelchair Users video to see all the great accessories to go with my camera.

Finally, I’ve not done as many talks as last year, however I really enjoyed talking at The Scottish Parliament sharing my experience of dealing with social work.

What I Hope For My Third Year

I know I said it last year but I DEFINETLY want to travel to at least one country that isn’t in the UK next year, my hope is Barcelona. I also hope to be more organised with everything I do, meaning I’ll hopefully have more content for you all. I’m working with someone to look into the best ways for me to deal with stress when it creeps up on me in order to hopefully be able to still plan ahead when hurdles show up.

Again, I know this was my hope was in my blog post this year, but it will stay on the list until it happens, that’s to move out.

Final Thoughts

I would like to start off by thanking you all for following my journey and for your continuous support these past two years. I would also like to thank the great organisations that I have worked with over the past two years and of course my friends and family for their amazing support with everything that I do. Who knows what next year will, I’m hoping more positive, but what I definitely knows is I will continue to spread the most disability and accessibility awareness I possibly can.

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