One thought on “Top 5 Tips on Public Speaking”

  1. Great advice Claire and well done on your public speaking and especially at the Scottish Parliament.
    Something that follows on from your notes is a ‘storyboard’ where your script could be pictures that jog your memory and give you a paragraph. Worked well for my colleague Maggie and I when we were among the winners in an internal competition that CHAS ran, funnily enough with the final in Dundee.
    Have a look at a guy called Bob Keillor and his TED talk . Google that and you’ll get it on youtube. He tutored us at a workshop and he is a fantastic public speaker well worth looking at his technique. He avoids powerpoint and uses storyboards in a way that makes it look as if he has no script. His key takeway is preparation and practice.
    If you think it would help I can pass on some of the stuff we learned in the workshops on public speaking as part of the competition organised for CHAS by the Lens Pespective, again worth a wee Google.
    Well done it’s not easy but its worth trying to keep improving and really get your message across but huge respect for your work.

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