Can time just slow down please? I don’t know where August has gone but, lets recap.

Favourites Item

Over the summer I grew sunflowers which is a tradition that I have carried on from my grandad. He would plant them for my brother, cousins and I to see whose would grow the fastest. Now mines have never lived up to grandads, I swear his would grow to about 6 feet but, I’m just impressed they’ve grown at all.

I can’t wait to have my own garden in the near future hopefully and be able to grow a lot more plants. I especially want to try to grow my own fruit and veg. Well if one of my carers is able to help me.

Favourite Review

In August I joined a few of my fellow Euan’s Guide ambassador in Glasgow to have a tour of The National Piping Museum. Although there were a few accessibility mishaps, it was a great day out listening to some piping music. There was a Piping Idol show as part of the Piping Live festival that took part outside the museum.

Looking forward to the next Euan’s Guide meet-up already.

Favourite Movie

I haven’t really been using my cinema card as much as I hoped to recently and I think the only movies I saw in August were The Lion King and Angel Has Fallen. They were both great film but, I think I preferred Angel Has Fallen. I love Disney films and was looking forward to The Lion King however, I just didn’t love it. Don’t get me wrong it was a good movie but, sometimes seen it felt like I was watching an animal documentary and I didn’t enjoy the music as much as the original.

Angel Has Fallen is the third instalment after Olympus Has Fallen and main actor Gerard Butler plays head of security to protect The President of The United States. I didn’t really like action movies before I watched Olympus Has Fallen and I didn’t want to miss Angel Has Fallen, I would definitely recommend it.

Favourite TV Show

The streaming channel Now TV was my best friend in August and my favourite show was Manifest. I think I basically watched it within a week and a half. It grabbed my attention because Josh Dallas who was in one of my favourite TV shows that ended last year, Once Upon A Time.

Manifest follows a group of passengers whose flight has been missing for 5 years however, for them no time has passed. Detective Michaela Stone and her brother Ben set out to investigate the disappearance along with family and other passengers, whilst answering callings they have been receiving since the flight landed. I loved the mystery surrounding the TV and would definitely recommend watching it.

Favourite Memory

It was my birthday in August, and I went through to Edinburgh to meet Robbie from Euan’s Guide and have a wander around the Fringe Festival before it ended that night. The weather was glorious, although Edinburgh was super busy. I had a great day out and got lots of lovely gifts from my friends and family. Turning 25 wasn’t too bad.

Now it’s September and it is definitely becoming sweater weather, lets see where this month takes us.

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