Feels like déjà vu from my last blog post and for that I really need to apologise. July did not go according to plan and truthfully, I didn’t know what to include in this month’s favourites. Illness took its toil in July but, I made the most of it.

Favourite Item

I decided to treat myself in July and go for a big shop in Primark. Know when you go into the shops put everything you like in the basket and review what you like at end, or is it just me who does this? I’m definitely a shopaholic, especially in Primark. Anyway, I got a mixture of items which you can see in my shopping haul over on my YouTube channel.

My favourite clothing item out of everything had to be my red and white floral Bardot top which was the one item I thought wouldn’t fit me. However, I felt amazing with it on and loved the way it sat on my shoulders. Usually due to my spinal scoliosis and hunched up shoulders the tops just don’t sit unless there are straps attached but, now that I’ve tried one, I might need to buy more.

Favourite Review

I didn’t really do many reviews in July due to being busy at the start and feeling unwell for mostly the rest of July. I got asked by Euan’s Guide to do a few reviews on café’s and to rank them in order of which one I preferred. I visited another Costa Coffee and Starbucks, as well as an independent café that’s newly opened in Dundee.

The results are that I preferred Costa Coffee the best, then the independent café called Birchwood Food Emporium and I preferred Starbucks the least. I feel like the staff are what make a visit somewhere and in Starbucks they didn’t really acknowledge me at the start, they just spoke to my helper.

Favourite Movie

We all know I love Marvel movies and I definitely make a point to go and see every one that comes out, especially with my Cineworld card. In July my favourite movie therefore definitely had to be Spiderman. It was funny and tied to Iron Man which used to be my favourite Marvel superhero. Who is your favourite superhero?

Favourite TV Show

Don’t you love it when you discover another series of a program you were watching a year ago. I was browsing BBC iPlayer and noticed that Keeping Faith was back for series 2. The first series followed the life of Faith Howells a solicitor whose husband goes missing and she desperately tries to find him and whilst she does, she discovers dark secrets that he was hiding from her and their family.

Now I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, so I’ll not explain anything about series 2 but, the reason I started watching it was because the main character is played by Eve Myles and I loved her in Tourchwood.

Favourite Memory

This feels like a lifetime ago now, it was a long month but, at the start of July I headed to Glasgow for the weekend for my friend/helpers hen weekend. If you’re not from Scotland and unsure what a hen weekend is, it’s basically like a bachelorette. A bride celebrating getting married with her friends before the wedding day.

I stayed Friday to Sunday in the good old faithful Crowne Plaza hotel, met my friend from university on the Friday night and then had the hen on the Saturday. It was a brilliant day completing escape rooms, cocktail making and having a great laugh. I love how well I get on with my helpers that I get to celebrate big events like this with them. Also the cocktail making was great at Las Iguanas although I did have to sit at the opposite side of the bar but, I got good photos of everyone else.

Even though the beginning of this month has been rubbish weather wise so far and has caused distributions in my plans, I’m hoping that things can hopefully only get better.

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