I would definitely say that June flew in and I’m sorry I wasn’t very active on my blog, it was a bit of a stressful month. Nothing I can’t handle though so, time look back on everything.

Favourite Item

Even though it’s summer, I also live in Scotland and we can have four seasons in one day. So, I was looking for things to keep me warm during outdoor activities when the temperatures drop. At first, I looked at rechargeable warmers but, everyone that I looked at heated up as soon as it was charged which wouldn’t be great if it got cold later on during the day as it only lasted about 4 hours.

I eventually found Hot Hands hand warmers in Halfords where you got 2 for £1 (basically a pair £1). I wanted to try them before I bought more but, they were great, and I bought 10 pairs on Amazon for £7.98 which works out at about 80p each. Once you open the warmer package it starts to heat up and stays warm for 10 hours. Hopefully I won’t need them but at least I’ll be prepared.

Favourite Review

The theme for Euan’s Guide in June was nature which was a great excuse to go outside, relax and get away from technology for a little while. I didn’t do as many reviews as I would have hope however, my dog Harley definitely enjoyed it. The two reviews that I wrote were for Crombie Country Park and Monikie Country Park.

My favourite was Crombie Country Park as it was a lovely warm day, we were ‘walking’ for over 2 hour and were able to explore into the woods because pathways were accessible for me to drive over in my wheelchair.

Favourite Movie

Another month another Disney movie, and this time it’s Toy Story 4. I loved watching Toy Story franchise growing up however, I was a little apprehensive about there being a 4th movie as the 3rd one ended perfectly.

It was a great movie though, even if some scenes were a little scary for younger children in my opinion. Without spoiling anything, when are ventriloquist dolls not petrifying. The thing about Disney movies is that they’re appropriate for all ages as some jokes or go right over childrens heads but, are hilarious for adults. Will that be the end of Toy Story? Who knows these days, I’m starting to think they are running out of ideas for movies and just remaking everything.

I even met Dundee’s very own Woody who is part of the Oor Wullie’s Big Bucket Trail.

Favourite TV Show

Even though I am always watching way too much TV, I didn’t really start a new series in June. I would say out of everything, I’ve been watching more YouTube that TV though. I went through the whole month of watching videos of people cleaning their houses. It did get me even more annoyed that I don’t have my own place yet but, I was very therapeutic to watch. Oh, I’ve been watching a lot of Disney vlogs too which are making me sad that I don’t have a holiday booked this year, I’m not really helping my mental health with what I’m watching.

Favourite Memory

Is it really bad that I can’t remember what I did in June? It’s probably because I didn’t really do anything that memorable, just the busyness of daily life. The weather started to pick in the middle of June so, I was able to go out more with Harley. I was trying my hardest to not buy anything unless I really needed in (this worked sometimes). This meant however, that I felt like I needed to do other things like go out for food or go to the cinema. I would say that would be the best things I done in June, spontaneous trips for food and movies.

July has already been a stressful and busy month, hence the delay in posting this, and it’s not getting any quieter.

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