I need to apologies for not writing a new blog post since my last monthly favourites, my creative juices just haven’t been flowing very well and I’ve been struggling to think of new blog post ideas. I’m back though with my April favourites, it’s been a busy month so let’s get started.

Favourite Item

I did buy this item in the Boxing Day sales at the end of the year but, I hadn’t taken it out of the box until last week. Therefore, it’s April’s favourite item. I love reading quotes and also love decorative pieces in my bedroom so, having a letter peg board was something I wanted for a while. The only issue I have though is finding each individual letters. They are all just stored in one box just now, I really need to find a divided storage box with about 32 squares, so it doesn’t take half an hour to write one quote.

Favourite Review

My Homelands review was meant to be done by now but unfortunately it still has a few tweaks to it, I promise it’ll be up this week.

In April Euan’s Guide were asking for reviews of cafés, which is exactly what my two reviews had in common in April. I’m always in at least one café each month so, this wasn’t very hard to do. I had visited Starbucks in Dundee which also has a drive thru but, I wanted to also visit an independent café. Therefore, I visited Willows in Brought Ferry.

This is a café that has been in Broughty Ferry for at least 20 years and I remember going since I was young. I’ve not been for a while and it was a nice change. We went for lunch and the food was tasty, it’s level access to get into Willows and also level access throughout the café. If you would like to read my full Euan’s Guide review you can find it here.

Favourite Movie

Before the month even began, I knew Avengers: Endgame would be included in this section of my April favourites. Ever since the first Avengers movie came out in 2012, I have been hooked on all Marvel movies.

I was extremely excited to see Endgame and it definitely didn’t disappoint. The movie was 3 hours long but, it felt like 1 hour. Now I don’t want to spoil anything for people who haven’t managed to see it yet so, I’m not going to say anything about it. The only thing I will say is that it was amazing and you should go see it.

Favourite TV Show

I know I’m late to the game but, I have only started to watch Line of Duty in April and loving it. I’m trying not to watch it too fast because I got told the other day that series 6 isn’t coming out for 2 years and I’m not good at waiting, especially if it ends on a cliff-hanger.

The show is definitely shocking, full of twists and turns. I love watching that type of stuff though, trying to figure it all out along with the detectives.

Favourite Memory

I’m going to talk more about my Easter Weekend in my next blog post involving my stay at Homelands however, I would definitely say that it is my favourite memory from April. It was a glorious weekend weather wise and enjoyed with great company. Gin tasting, ‘beach walks’, games nights, Easter egg fun and lots of giggles. You can watch my YouTube video of the whole weekend.

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