We’re still on single digits in April so it’s still safe to say I didn’t forget about my March monthly blog post, right? The weather throughout March wasn’t the best some days and unfortunately, that meant plans didn’t always go to plan.

Favourite Item

I haven’t really bought a lot this month that is that worthy of mentioning. I mean I did buy a label maker from Amazon about 2 weeks ago and it still hasn’t come, even though my brother has Amazon Prime. Apart from that it’s been mainly the boring old food and cleaning shops, whilst occasionally treating myself to some flowers and cheeky takeaways.

Image of Claire sitting in the car with a Dominos pizza infront of her.

At the end of March, I did have a shopping spree in Livingston, but I’ve only actually got around to trying the stuff on today so, if anything it’s going count more in my April monthly blog post.

Favourite Review

Now I know there is some controversy in the UK regarding what coffee shop is better, Costa Coffee or Starbucks. Even though I’d visit either, I do prefer going to Costa Coffee and when I found out one had opened up at the Kingsway retail park, I was probably a bit too excited.

It is in a great location for there being many parking spaces available and has level access for wheelchair users. When I visited it was a busy Sunday afternoon so, there weren’t many tables available. It was also difficult to reach some tables nearer the back because it was so busy and there wasn’t much space between the tables, luckily there was a table right at the door. The staff were very friendly and welcoming, asking customers how their day is going and chatting away.

What’s your choice of drink and sweet treat? Mines is a Babyccino Hot Chocolate and a piece of millionaire shortbread.

Favourite Movie

I definitely would say that I made full use of my Unlimited Cineworld card in March by visit the cinema almost every weekend, sometimes twice in one weekend.

Out of them all I would have to say that Captain Marvel was definitely my favourite. It is part of the Marvel trilogy and is actually based before any of the other movies. Captain Marvel is the poster girl for empowering women, and it is certainly fitting that it came out on International Woman’s Day in the UK. The movie follows the story of Carol Danvers and how she becomes one of the universe’s most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races. It explains so many questions from previous Marvel movies and I can’t wait to see the final chapter in the Avengers series at the end of April.

Favourite TV Show

I’ve not really started any new series recently. I mean I’ve had shows on in the background whilst I work on things but, I haven’t been fully concentrating.

One of the main things that I continuously watch (as well as reruns of Friends) is Eastenders. If you don’t live in the UK or are unsure what Eastenders is, it’s a TV soap based in the East End of London. I’ve been watching it since I was in my early teenage years, I started watching it because my Nan watched it and have continued to this day. I actually used to watch all the soaps, there’s quite a few, but I cut down when exams started in secondary school and never started them up again. I’m not going to explain what Eastenders is about because it’s been running for 34 years and every week is different, there’s kidnaps, murders, deaths, celebrations, births, etc.

Favourite Memory

I would have to say that my favourite memory from March would have to be getting nominated for the Sensory and Equality Champion of the Year at the Scottish Sensory and Equality Awards 2019 run by Deaf Scotland. Unfortunately, I did not win this award however, I am grateful to have been considered along with so many fantastic organisations and individuals. It’s great to see my blog getting recognises and I would just like to take the opportunity to say a massive thank you to everyone for your continuous support.

April is looking like it’s going to be a busy month so, I better carry on with everything.

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