I recently stayed overnight in Aberdeen for my brother’s graduation, and during that stay we went to see Incredibles 2 at Cineworld Union Square in 4DX. Obviously, that wasn’t the highlight of the weekend as I had a great time the day before celebrating with my family. However, we had never been to a movie in 4DX before, and being a wheelchair user, I was a little unsure of what it would be like. Would where I sat in my wheelchair move too much? Would I get soaking wet? Would I get cold? Would it be worth the money if I didn’t feel all the effects? These are all the questions I kept asking myself. When we decided to go I couldn’t find anyone else’s experience of it, so I thought I’d try it and write a post. That way people would have some information if they decided they wanted to try it. Although like I always say everyone is different, so what was fine for me might not be for others.

Incredibles 2 poster
Incredibles 2 poster.

Would where I sat in my wheelchair move too much?

No, the platform that I parked my wheelchair on didn’t move at all. I did however feel movements which was very strange. Halfway through the movie I thought maybe the back of my wheelchair was against the main seating area and I was feeling the vibrations from the ground. After the movie finished though I reversed back to check, and I was still quite far away from it. My helper thought it was maybe physiological as I could hear their chairs moving, but my phone kept moving as I had it covering the lights of my controller, so I was definitely moving somehow. Maybe the whole ground vibrates somehow and that’s what I was feeling.

It wasn’t really fast or anything though. With my muscle weakness, sometimes if I go over something bumpy or have to go down a slight step, I need someone to support my chest. This is what I was mainly scared of, but it was all good. I kind of enjoyed the slight movement as I still felt part of the experience without falling all over the place. If you use a standard seat though, the people I was with explained it like you were on a rollercoaster. Of course, it didn’t move all the time, just mostly during the action scenes.

4DX sign demonstrating what it involves.
4DX sign demonstrating what it involves.

Would I get soaking wet?

This is one thing I was unsure about during the whole movie. With my wheelchair being able to lift up and down throughout the whole movie as I just wasn’t feeling any of the water spray on me. There was only one part of the movie I actually felt it and that’s when Violet, Mr Incredibles daughter, sprayed water out of her mouth. I asked my brother if he felt the water and he said there wasn’t much, so I’m guessing if I stayed at my normal level then it would have just been the same.

With having the character Frozone in this movie there was even some snow that fell down. With me being right in the front row it fell right on top of me, my helper had to pick it out of my hair at the end. Although she said no snow fell on them in the row behind me, so I’m not sure if it just fell at the front or in the rows behind them too. I really loved the effect of the snow whilst being in the cinema screen, however it was quite difficult to hear the movie when the snow machine was on. It was only for a few seconds, but it still meant you missed a little part of what Frozone said.

Would I get cold?

I am quite a warm person, I rarely feel cold whilst being inside. This time was no different. Of course, I felt a little chill when the wind machine was on, but like the snow machine, it only lasted a few seconds. The others that I was with felt colder, this could have been caused by the difference in where they were sitting, or they are usually colder than me generally.

We were expecting to feel some heat when there was fire on the screen, but this did not happen. Just cold winds and normal temperatures during standard scenes.

Would it be worth the money if I didn’t feel all the effects?

The answer to this is yes, because as I’ve mentioned above I felt everything that the rest of the audience felt. The ticket price was £16.50. As I said, I didn’t move as much, but I was happy with that. Like mostly all cinema screens I did have to sit in the front of the screen, which hurt my head at certain times due to the screen being in 3D. However, I’ve had this before and it is still good to experience 4DX at least once. I was worried that I wouldn’t get a free carers ticket due to the difference in what we were seeing, but you do still get a free carers ticket with your CEA card. You just have to buy the 3D glasses which were £1. It’s not the type of thing I would do when I went to see every movie, it was a nice change though and I would recommend it.

The only issue I did find was that the disabled seating platform was separate from all the other seats. This meant that I was sitting on my own and the other people I was with were in the row behind me. I had bought nachos for my lunch, although due to not knowing if I would move at all or if the wind would be strong, I had to give my helper them before the movie started because she wasn’t beside me. I had eaten enough but I would have nibbled on them throughout the movie.

Finally, I’d like to say that the staff at Cineworld Union Square were very helpful at answering my questions before I bought my tickets. Incredibles 2 is definitely worth a watch, with or without watching it in 4DX.

Has anyone else tried the 4DX experience? How did you find it?

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