I know the title to this blog post is a big spoiler, but please bear with me.

On the weekend of 16th June, my friend and I decided to take a trip through to Aberdeen for a bit of shopping in Union Square. I really like to visit Union Square and travel by train because the train station is joint on to the shopping centre, which makes it easier for horrible rainy days like when we visited. My friend was set the task of booking the train, we did decide last minute to go but unfortunately that’s not the reason why I couldn’t travel by train.

Union Square sign

My friend Elina and I are both power wheelchair users, this can sometimes cause accessibility problems, which wasn’t any different this time. Elina phoned to book the train tickets and was told that she wouldn’t be able to book two wheelchairs on the train as they weren’t able to confirm that we would both get on to the train until the day we were traveling. I’ve previously been told though that I have to book accessible assistance 24 hours in advance, so how does that make any sense?

Therefore, I decided to take my car through, my helper drove, and my friend Elina took the train because her car wasn’t working very well. It really annoyed me though because the reason we decided to through was because it would be a relaxing trip to travel by train together and if we didn’t want to we wouldn’t have to go out of Union Square at all. It’s not just my friend and I who would like to travel together, there’s families who may have more than one member in a wheelchair, couples, colleagues and yes friends. Why can’t everyone travel together regardless of their disabilities?

Anyway this was quite a random blog post, but it’s just another step towards spreading awareness on some of the accessibility problems people like myself in wheelchairs face. Sorry I haven’t posted much recently, I’ve just been lacking in writing juices. Especially with my Shetland posts, I am hoping to have them done soon, although I feel like I keep saying that. Whilst this blog post comes online though I will be partying it up in Glasgow at the TRNSMT music festival. Another blog post coming soon on that.

Let me know if you’ve encounter this accessible train journey problem before or heard of someone else having this problem.

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