WOW I can’t actually believe it, but it has been a year since I started my blog A Journey In My Wheels and what a year it has been. Time definitely flies when you are having fun. This day creped up on me this weekend and in order to celebrate instead of placing a candle in a cake I thought I’d have pizza, because who doesn’t like pizza. So I ordered a Dominoes and it was delicious. Also to stay true to my logo I washed it down with a glass of rosé wine.

Celebrating with pizza and wine.
Celebrating with pizza and wine.

Has anything changed in a year?

One thing that has absolutely changed is my confidence, and for the better. If you had told me this time last year that I would stand up (not literally) infront of roughly 120 people and speak for half an hour I would have laughed and dismissed straightaway. I did it though at the PITL conference held by PAMIS and I could not be more happy that I did it. I was nervous don’t get me wrong and I will continue to be nervous at any public event. I just think as well as helping me connect with so many different people I am hopefully helping others by sharing my experience and how I have overcome challenges I have faced.

As well as my blog attracting more and more people everyday I started my YouTube channel in January. This is something I was very apprehensive about doing because like most people I HATE the sound of my own voice. I’m really enjoying editing all my videos though and there is something quite therapeutic about talking infront of the camera. The video I have enjoyed doing so far would be my last video on the Enchanted Forest, I have to rely on other people capturing footage sometimes whereas this time I had full control. Gillian Easson from Creative Dundee kindly let me borrow their GoPro for the PR evening and I LOVED it, I think I will be purchasing one in future (when the prices come down).

There are so many organisations and charities that I have become involved in over the past year and it all started when I wrote my first blog post. I am proud to be a Dundee ambassador for the Euan’s Guide and help make my hometown as well as other cities as accessible as possible as well as be on the board for Creative Dundee. Life is always busy but I would not have it any other way.

What’s next?

I hope to travel more next year and review places outwith Scotland or even outwith the UK if I can concur my dislike of flying. I also hope to move out next year and live independently with the care that I need.

I already have lots of blog posts that I need to write and everyday a new idea pops into my head. Hopefully a career in accessibility is in the not so distant future and I help make the world a more accessible place for all disabilities. Whilst also continuing to change the views some people have on disabilities one wheel at a time.

Thank you

I would like to thank everyone that has supported me during the first year of A Journey In My Wheels and I just hope I can continue to raise awareness for people like myself who go through the many struggles there are living with a disability.

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