Well apologies guys for being a bit MIA recently but do you want to know why? I’ve been having too much fun. I started this blog to diminish the negative views some people have on life with a disability and show you that myself/others with disabilities don’t just sit around all day, we live our lives, just like everyone else. These last 4 weeks especially. I’ve been out every weekend and even though I am exhausted, I have loved every minute. August is always a crazy month for me because IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! That’s right guys I’m 23 years old now. Some people don’t like celebrating their birthday and just see it as “another day”, but for me I see it as a celebration. There’s been times in my life that people haven’t thought I’d live till the next day never mind the next month, however I’m still here and not letting anything get in the way of me living life to the fullest.

Birthday Night Out
Birthday night out with Oor Wullie

The month of August I also went to Carnival 56 in my hometown Dundee and attended the Edinburgh Fringe Festival twice. I will be writing my thoughts on Edinburgh later this week, however for now I thought I would catch you guys up on what else I’ve been up to. Since attending the Promoting Inclusion Transforming Lives conference for PAMIS it has opened many more opportunities, one being reviewing for the Euan’s Guide. The Euan’s Guide is a disabled access review website that everybody can use to either review places themselves or help plan outings based on someone’s disability. This is something that I had been meaning to look into for a long time but never got the chance to get around to it, however with meeting a member of staff from the Euan’s Guide at the conference it gave me the motivation to do it. Then after completing a couple of reviews for places in Dundee I am happy to announce that I am a Dundee Ambassador for the Euan’s Guide. I am loving being part of the ambassador team and meeting ambassadors from other cities and towns in Scotland’s at various events. I am continuing to volunteer for The ARCHIE Foundation and have started to also volunteer for PAMIS. Although I am loving everything that I am doing it doesn’t pay the bills or should I say my extravagant social life 😊, but a job may be just around the corner so I will keep you posted.

September is looking to also be a very busy month as well, some things that aren’t 100% set in stone but most events are more work related. Although I’m sure I’ll manage to schedule a few social events too. I will be back on Wednesday to enlighten you on my experience of Edinburgh in my wheelchair, for now though I hope you all have a great week and I shall speak to you soon. Byeeee.<<
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