Hey guys, hope you are all well.

You might of all seen in the news or on Facebook about the hype of people buying Ed Sheeran tickets and selling them for extortionate prices. I find that these people are being quite selfish. Although the people buying are just being silly, no one is that good that I would pay hundreds and hundreds of pounds to see them. I read an article which said some paid £1,300 for a ticket which resulted in them having to sell their car and move house. It’s just ridiculous.

It also surprises me the rumour I heard about people buying accessible tickets who do not have an impairment just so they can get the tickets for cheaper, due to the fact that you get a carer ticket for free. This unfortunately is very easy to do as you do not have to provide any proof of your impairment when booking and you can easily buy wheelchairs online. I feel this could have serious results in people that benefit from getting carers free as companies could stop offering it because people are misusing it.

I also feel there should be a better system for booking accessible tickets. I know it wasn’t just the accessible tickets that were hard to purchase, no one I know seemed to be able to get tickets, however having to phone and not being able to book online is just a pain. It’s always been that way though, but with me being at university and always in lectures when tickets came on sale it was either my parents or friend that booked them. This was the first time I’ve had to buy concert tickets myself and I really hope they change the system before next time or the phone might end up in pieces. The way I see it is you do not have to provide proof of your impairment so I don’t see why you can’t book tickets online. You would only have to fill in a few fields to signify if you required a space for a wheelchair and how many carers tickets you require (if you get more than 1, I’m not sure). I also don’t think it’s fair that the phone line is an 0800 number. One time I spent just over £10 on top of ticket prices whilst booking, this is because they ask you to join memberships and even though you say no they keep asking. It’s not going to stop me going to concerts and shows though.

Anyway, I have nearly finalised my title logo for my blog page which I should have finished by the end of the week. I’ve also got a little project that I’m hoping to start on soon, so watch this space.

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