I may be a little late in saying this as it is the 15th day of the year however Happy New Year everyone, I hope that 2017 is full of health, happiness and prosperity for you all. I also hope that you all had a lovely festive period with your family and friends. For me it was a chilled-out time with my brother and parents, watching movies and just spending time together. But now it’s back to reality and for me, back on the job hunt and posting blog entries to all of you. As I have mentioned before, if there is anything that you would like me to discuss please let me know.

I’ve been seeing a lot of discussions online about the idea of changing the disability sign that is used all around the world for many different reasons. The two main ways I associate the sign with is disabled parking spaces and disabled toilets. It is a clear image that as soon you see it you know what it represents. However, one of the negative comments about the disability sign is that although it is used to represent all disabilities visually it only shows someone in a wheelchair. People are looking for it to be changed to visually show all disabilities. The problem I see with this idea though is that you cannot have every disability portrayed under one umbrella so to speak. Even every person that is in a wheelchair can’t be portrayed under one umbrella, everyone is unique.

The main problem with the sign is peoples attitude towards people with invisible disabilities. A wheelchair is a physical visualisation that the person has disability and if they don’t see a wheelchair they look down on them because they feel they shouldn’t be using a disabled toilet or a disabled space, when in fact they do have a disability and are entitled to use these facilities. I feel it’s the people who do misuse these facilities that are making it difficult for people who have an invisible disability.

My pet hate is people misusing disabled parking spaces. When I go anywhere my favourite game is to play “spot the blue badge”. If you have a registered disability in the UK, then you are entitled to a disabled blue badge which allows you to park in any disabled space, you are able to park for free. However, people who don’t have a blue badge seem to feel like their entitled to park in these spaces too. I have been to places like Tesco for example and whilst walking past them all because I’ve had to park in the furthest away space, I’ve counted at least 5 cars on average that have not got a blue badge. Now I understand that you may have hurt your leg and on crutches for a little while and may have to use a disable space but you wouldn’t have the injury for a long period of time to get a badge, but, I don’t think 5/5 people are experiencing this.

Well that’s enough of me ranting. Hope you all have a good week, speak soon

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