Well that wasn’t the weekend I was expecting.

When we first arrived at the Holiday Inn we were surprised to see the carer room wasn’t what we booked. There was a double bed and a sofa bed when we booked a twin room. Then I figured out that my hoist wouldn’t fit under the bed, so I decided to take the sofa bed and my friend got the accessible room. Once that was all sorted we decided to get freshened up and go out for tea. Whilst getting ready the hoist I rented for the weekend decided to stop working mid-air, for those who haven’t heard of a hoist it is a piece of equipment that helps to lift me. But as I mentioned earlier if my impairment has taught me anything it’s how to improvise and I got safely back into my chair. We thought the battery might just need charged, so we left it on charge and went out for tea.

However, after being on charge for a long period of time we went to use it and it wouldn’t move. So, after contemplating whether to go home or let my helper lift me into bed I let her thinking it would all be fixed in the morning. That was wishful thinking. After phoning the company I rented it from I discovered no one is available to help on a Saturday, but they did offer me another hoist however I had used it before and it wasn’t suitable. So, we decided to go home on the Saturday night. I feel that if the company rent the equipment out during the weekend then they should provide better help instead of just talking on the phone. I stated actually that day I think that I would never allow anyone to lift me again, so I feel like I jinxed it, but even though it was out of my comfort zone I did it.

Before heading home though we went to the Christmas market which wasn’t too bad for my chair. Of course, it was busy to get around, there was a steep hill which I needed support getting down and I did have to backtrack a few times as there were stairs. But these are all obstacles that can’t be helped, the town of Edinburgh was there way before the idea of having a Christmas market. Overall I really enjoyed the Christmas market and I even got a wee decoration for my tree.

However, because I didn’t get to see everything in the one day and we had already booked The Dome for afternoon tea we went back the following day. It wasn’t ideal but I didn’t want us missing out on things we were excited for just because of a broken hoist. I believe that things happen for a reason. Although I was angry and upset at the time it wasn’t the end of the world and I had a good weekend.

I would also like to point out that Wetherspoons beside Waverley station has a great accessible toilet with a hoist which I was able to use.

Christmas tree at The Dome
I would highly recommend visiting The Dome, the lights are beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Improvisation Is Key”

  1. Hi Clare…must try and get to the Dome. Did you get any financial compensation from the hoist company for inconvenience???? Knowing you…you will have taken it all the chin and enjoyed your stay the best you could. Looking forward to the next instalment. PS you could put a bit on trip advisor about loo access in “spoons”…might be helpful to another power chair user…just a thought…take care

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