This is just a quick post for me to share some information on planning trips away for people with a physical impairment and the places that I feel are suitable for wheelchairs.

Going away on holiday or even a couple of nights away can take a while to organise for me. Sometimes I have to organise things a year in advance, look at different hotels in the area and contact them to see what their accessible rooms are like and sometimes get them to measure certain features to see if it’s suitable. However, I have realised this year that the Holiday Inn have great rooms for wheelchair users. The main reason for this is that they have an adjoining room that is allocated to a career for no extra charge, therefore you are not out of pocket for needing to have assistance. The rooms are also very spacious for all the equipment that may be needed. All in all, I cannot fault the services that are available and it is good to know that wherever I decide to stay there will be somewhere accessible if there is a Holiday Inn.

Another service that is great for wheelchair users is the train service. I cannot fault anytime that I have travelled on the train. Some journeys have been more difficult than others, especially traveling to places in England as there are sometimes a lot of commuters with lots of luggage (me included). However, whenever I book assistance there is always someone to help me on and off with the ramps. The only thing that annoys me about the train service is that I have to go to the train station to book my train tickets instead of ordering them online, and that is because I have to reserve the wheelchair space. The staff at all train stations are very accommodating and the best experience I’ve had was when I was traveling back from Southampton and we had to get a train from Edinburgh to Dundee. It was during the summer strikes and the train was so busy that people were literally nose to nose. When one of the stations staff opened the door to the carriage we reserved seats in he knew straight away that I wouldn’t get on. So instead they booked 2 taxis to take myself and my family home, and believe me after a busy day traveling it was very much appreciated.

Anyway, I’m sorry this blog hasn’t been as interesting as my previous ones but it’s a good insight for people like myself who want to go on nights away places and no idea how to arrange it. The reason I’ve put the title as “Travel Life part 1” is because there are many countries I have been to especially this year, so there is so much more to speak about. Stay tuned, it might not be the next post but it will be one.

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