Hey there! I’m new to this blogging so please bare with me, and feel free to leave comments on anything you would like me to discuss. As I mentioned in my “About Me” page my aim is to diminish the view people have on people with a physical impairment.

There have been many people who I hope not intentionally have annoyed me by the way they have spoken to me or not in this case. It is annoying when people speak to the person with me instead of me directly. Sometimes I have heard people say “it’s so good you get her out”, like they made me go out and socialise, when in fact I’m the one that decides what I want to do day to day. Or if they direct a question to them instead of me, this is all to do with presumption. They presume that because I am in my wheelchair that I can’t communicate on my own or make my own decision. I’m not going to lie though. I sometimes use this to my advantage if someone is trying to sell me something in town, I just zoom right past them. But in all fairness it does annoy me, which people who I’m with know as they just look at me to signal to the person that I am more than capable answering for myself. I suppose my advice would be never presume. If someone can’t communicate themselves then the person they are with will explain that, it’s less annoying having to explain rather than the alternative. Now obviously that’s my opinion and others may have their own, but from speaking to other people with physical and mental impairments that’s the conclusion I’ve come to.

Now you may be wondering why I’m saying impairment instead of disability? This will tie into my next post when I speak about the social model and medical model, and how these two different views effect how people may see the world of disabilities.

But for now please feel free to share my blog and remember hurdles can be destroyed, you just need to believe in yourself and find the best way forward.

*Logo is still to be updated, in the process just now*

4 thoughts on “First of many posts”

  1. Enjoyed reading this Claire, opens your eyes to things we do and say without thinking… With a nice touch of your humour! Looking forward to the next post already!

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